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I was just wondering if anyone could help me out i have a 95 Chevy K1500 with 87k on it its got a 6 inch lift 33 inch tires and i have noticed three things here recently and they are

1. I hear a whinning noise and it sounds like it is coming from behind me and i am not sure of where its coming from any ideas on where to start looking?

2. When i am driving i here a ticking noise coming from the engine compartment and i am just wondering what it might be?

3. Every once and when i am turning i hear a popping noise coming from the front end and once again just wondering if you got any ideas on what it might be or where i can start looking

1. You could inspect rear end grears and seal/bearings...maybe gear oil is low??

2. Now I'm leaning more towards a manifold leak...gaskets/cracks

3. Front end inspect is a good start (I usually use a front end/alignment specialist for inspect)

I know I talked to you before but inspecting and doing the safety stuff first just to see whats up(if your kinda broke) :he: Then consider what can wait for a bit. Safety first!
Did you safety truck with your own mechanic or did you buy safetyed?
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