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Got my Westin Pro Traxx step bar installed

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Two weeks ago, I bought my 2015 Silverado LT 4x4 to replace my (forced) retired 00 2x4.

The higher truck posed a bit of a problem for my wife. After doing some research taking into account quality and my budget, I settled on the Westin Pro Traxx 5" oval step bars (model 21-53710) which I got on Amazon at a better price that even the Westin site itself.

Installation, while not very difficult was not as simple as YouTube videos and the instructions make it out to be.

While having the truck on a lift would have made things simpler my 4x4 is high enough that I was able to do the install without even having to jack it up.

First off, Westin has apparently made some changes which are not noted in the instructions that come in the package. The instructions insinuate that there are mounting brackets specifically for the left and right side. In reality all but one of the brackets are identical.

The kit does come with all bolts, lock and flat washers, allen wrench and M8 U-nuts. The steps are packaged in different colored plastic to indicate passenger and drivers side. All the brackets are individually bagged with one in a green bag. This bracket goes on the rear passenger side.

The U-nuts slip in easily to the pre-existing holes on the truck body. However lining up the bracket, u-nut and bolt was a problem on the vertical holes. I solved this by first putting in the bolt without the bracket. I then secured the U-nut in position with a small piece of gorilla tape and removed the bolt.

When installing the bracket, begin with the horizontal bolts. Start them just enough to get 3-4 threads secured, then do the vertical bolts. If you snug down the horizontal bolts even by hand, it makes it difficult to align the vertical ones. Leave everything loose until all the brackets are in place.

Place the steps in the cradles making sure to use the correct ones on the correct side. Align and install the allen head bolts. Make sure the steps are level and tighten the bolts with the included allen wrench.

Once the steps are secure, tighten all the bracket bolts with a 13mm socket or wrench. Torque all the bolts to the specifications in the instructions.

It took me about an hour total time to install mine. Part of that was dealing with the discrepancy in the instructions and getting the U-nuts to stay in place.

Learning from my experience I would guess they can installed in 30-45 minutes.

I am loving these steps. The 5" width makes for solid footing getting in and out of the truck and look more beefy than say 3" tubes especially on a 4x4.

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Thank you.

Chevy picked a real winner with that color. It is the first thing everyone complements me on when they see that truck.

I was just looking for a 2015 I could afford and got lucky on the color.
I thought about the wheel-to-wheel but considered what I do with my truck would not justify the added cost.
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