If your rig is packing a BBC and you tow something, you want this drivetrain.
New, less than 2000 miles, GM crate HT502 cid 400+HP/540 Torque stock
500 lb/ft torque from 2500-4500 rpm.
8.75:1 compression means regular gas at any altitude
iron gen IV block and iron gen IV oval port heads accepts all stock manifolds. Currently fully dressed and driving with low rise stock dual plane and Quadrajet 4 barrel. (Throw on a Performer RPM and a ZZ502HO cam in it and scare the competition...)
Full complement of 1984 accessories. Turnkey package for a retrofit. Runs perfect.
New MSD HEI high output ignition system, the good stuff. No think, nothing to do here.
Electric fuel pump (no mechanical)
ProForm high torque gear reduction starter, stock couldn't hack it.
Doug Thorley Tri-Y headers, silver ceramic coated, a work of art that makes the above numbers severely under-rated. (and full dual exhaust with Walker Super Turbo mufflers.) Wonderfully quiet, but they'll know you're packing heat when you stand on it to 5000 rpms.
Fresh Turbo 400, stock stall converter, shifts perfectly.
Gear Vendors .78 Overdrive. Automatic overdrive to 4th gear at 50 mph. Have fun fooling around with the manual switch for gear splitting to get 6 speeds: first, first O/D, second, second O/D, third, final OD.
You'd be hard pressed to put this combo together for $15,000 (June 2022 pricing).
I'll take half that OBO.
Will consider trades, whatcha got mothballed?
Located in Corvallis Oregon
Ric Smith 458 262 0154 [email protected]