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Grocery getter!

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I find this way easier to off load groceries.

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except for the three foot drop from the driver's seat
Thud! Wow that was quite a drop. Maybe a rope ladder. OMG the cap for the laundry detergent just came off in back of truck. Oh well at least the back of the truck smells nice....
Were you trying to make your own home made drive through?
Ya crash thru the front window...Hi Honey, whatcha watchin' on TV...LOL
Nice. :)

Like this....

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something doesn't seem right with that last pic. That one looks like it may have been photoshopped or something. There's a tow trucks tow hooks and chains that just go to the ground, and then there appears to be miscellaious piece that aren't big enough to be anything appearing to stick out of the ground. It just don't add up ;P Funny nonetheless.
Thats an actual accident picture, it was posted on with a few other pictures of the same accident. If I remember correctly it was a drunk driver that got airborne, when caught he was trying to flee the scene by backing out.
Like this....

Here's a link to another vantage point of this accident. You can see where he gets air. Not sure if he thought he was going to do a Dukes of Hazard junk over it?
WOW!!!! "im gonna try and back this sucka out" sitting in the kitchen.. Ive never been that drunk before i dont think... Talk about moron!.
But now im gonna be laughing all day so good nonetheless.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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