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Hard starting

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I have a 99 1500 with a 5.3L . When I start it when the engine is cold, it fires right up. If the engine is at running temp and I shut it off and it sits for more the 10-15 minutes, the only way it will start is if I hold the gas pedal to the floor. I am thinking it may be the EGR valve. Has anyone else had this problem? :roll:
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i have a 2000 with the 5.3 same problem after looking on the net for some time came to the conclusion it was probably the fuel pressure regulator dont get it at auto zone though part number is not right got mine at napa part number is DEM-FP10021 also was told quick check is to remove hose on regulator if it has fuel in it it is bad changed mine and it runs fine now hope this helps
EGR valves are cheap, replace it if you think thats the problem. I don't think so but what the hell.

COuld also be coolant temp. sensor.
Same Problem Here

2001 with 57,000 miles. First start in the morning I was cranking on it for 30 seconds or so...seems to be better now after all the below tune up items...

Changed the following: air filter, plugs, wires, coolant sensor, fuel filter, EGR Valve, and checked pressure regulator (dry as a bone)

Can anyone think of anything else?
No check engine light? DTC codes would help.
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