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Hard to start Please Help!

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I have a 2013 Tahoe that is throwing codes of P0172, 175 and check engine light. It has been tuned up, new throttle body, canister replaced, Map sensor O2 sensor, module by the gas tank programmed and changed and over a thousand dollars later, still the same problem! I am begging for help! Thank you.
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If that does not fix the problem, and if this truck is not your daily driver, perhaps you might consider sending the injectors to to get them cleaned. They will do an as found flow test, clean them, and then retest. They do great work.
You should note that I have found that some salvage yards DO disassemble engines for parts. One quoted me about 80 bux for 8 injectors for my 2004 tahoe. I was going to but them, test them, and put them in and then send my originals off for cleaning. the problem I find with messing with injectors as I recall was the price of the DAYAM o-rings associated with them...
Before new injectors put a quart of Lucas fuel injection cleaner on a full tank and run it.
Man I have put massive doses of everything in with only 5 gals gas in the tank, and ranging to running the lucas injector cleaner long term with every tank. There is something going on with mine where it def bleeds down. But somehow it knows it and it is preventing the first crank attempt from starting.

Hell I read something the other day at a forum about the computers determination of alcohol percentage in fuel can cause this maybe. Its really unclear to me because they make it sound like the fuel pump its self may sense alcohol content, or the O2 sensors are doing so calculation. They talk about an O2 sensor that is no longer used after early 2000 models.

Im not even so sure the alcohol sensor and a physical piece of hardware is not just some sick internet lore incepted for fun no different that the myth of "Turn signal fluid" or whatever ...

But somehow a calculation is made and it can get up over 50% and freak your ECM out and possibly cause this I hear..

i think mine is leaking at the injector rail or the injectors are sticking slightly open. And I am not sure it has not started to damage my engine as it is starting rougher and rougher as time moves on... And i am talking about a piss poor idle for first 5 secs that I have never experienced. Then all seems fine with the exception of poor performance many times short of cold DRY weather is about the only time mine will perform. **** my wifes 2003 was life a damb sports car and mine sucked from day one almost 20 years ago soon.....
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