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Hard to start Please Help!

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I have a 2013 Tahoe that is throwing codes of P0172, 175 and check engine light. It has been tuned up, new throttle body, canister replaced, Map sensor O2 sensor, module by the gas tank programmed and changed and over a thousand dollars later, still the same problem! I am begging for help! Thank you.
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Welcome aboard.

Wish you had come here before you started buying things.

Both codes are fuel mix too rich, one is for bank one, the other for bank two.

Usually a too rich code is an indication that you have a leaking injector. In your case, at least 2 leaking injectors, maybe 8.

And the hard to start indicates the same thing.

I would suggest using an injector cleaner like Seafoam
Thank you!
Do you think the injectors need replaced or can the be cleaned?
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