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Head- / Taillights

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I'm planning to add some aftermarket head and taillights to my 'burb. There are so many on ebay, but I'm a bit worried that the light might be actually worse than the stock lights. Who has experience with those?

For taillights I really like the LED ones. Theoretically they should be better than stock. I replaced the backup lightbulbs with H3 55W bulbs. That helps a lot backing up at night and even in the sun in a parking lot, people can see them a lot better.
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I think there are some people who have played around with it. What's you goal, style or light performance?
Well, clear lights, especially the parking and corner lights certainly look better, more modern. I just don't want to sacrifice any performance when it comes to the headlights. Maybe I'll just stick with some good PIAA bulbs in the stock headlights.
I was driving behind someone the other night with clear tail lights.

Practically blinded me. I even stopped the guy in a parking lot to ask him if he had his reverse lights on.

Jut make sure what ever you buy is DOT approved.
Jut make sure what ever you buy is DOT approved
Yes, that's exactly the point. Unfortunately most lights on ebay are not, at least it doesn't say they are.
Re: RE: Head- / Taillights

AndyD said:
Jut make sure what ever you buy is DOT approved
Yes, that's exactly the point. Unfortunately most lights on ebay are not, at least it doesn't say they are.

Look at the pictures on ebay, if you have to save them on your computer and then zoom in on them, sometimes you can see the words, (DOT Approved). I do that when the wife finds a picture of something she wants me to make.

On my previous post the guy I was blinded by said his tail lights had the DOT approval, I find that hard to beleive, but anything is possible.

But I thought all rear facing lights, except backup lights were suposed to be, Red, or Yellow,Orange.
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To be DOT approved, he most likely would have had to put red colored lightbulbs into the taillight section. I think those are also a bit dimmer than the clear ones, so that in the end maybe the light intensity and color would have been right. I am pretty sure, taillights have to be red, blinkers either yellow or red. You also must have a red reflector that is facing backwards and the red lights that shine to the side of the car.
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Here are the taillights I like the best so far:

They are DOT stamped! :D
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i too would be on the market for some new headlights. (my kids friend cracked the lens by accident)
i would like to go projectors with hid, but i'm afraid the beam pattern would be worse than stock.
anyone out there have experience with some of these projector lights?? if all else fails, i plan on just getting some new stock headlights and doing a hid retrofit.

and as far as the tailights. i'm just using the stock units with some led replacement bubls.

i'm cosidering this ones

the last set of pics are already hid. so i think it might be better than buying a set of lights then retrofitting them for hid.
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RE: Re: RE: Head- / Taillights

Those tail lights are pretty slick. As far as the headlights, I'd personally go with the last ones (TYC)
I like the TYC too. Not too expensive if you bust one.:biggrin:
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