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headers ? [Expired Topic]

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hi i am a new user , lives in sweden .. my question is about one of my cars/trucks , a burb 95 - 350/700 4x4 .. im rebuilding my engine to an 355 , corvette heads , an new injectionsystem (EDL-3506 ) and are now looking for same fulllengt headers that fits my truck .. does anyone has any recommendation what good and what not to buy ?

if able answer in link form and if summit got it ( i shall order lots of other stuff from summit )
Best regards

. // Åke
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Hey, first of all welcome to the site. You're not the only site member from Scandanavia by the way.

I did a quick search on Summit for headers that fit the small block chevy, there are like 11 pages! Of course there are several generations of the SB, maybe one of the other guys knows more about the mid-90's engines than I do.
OKI if u Narrow the search u will find out that this paricular Fulllengt header dosent fit my car .. im alitte bit confused .. is my truck an C or a K ??? as far as i understund the K stands for 4 x 4 .. ?
Your right k stands for 4X4. But the trans sounds wrong, I think the 91 and newr got the electronic overdrive. Sorry can't help you with header sellection though. But dam Shipping is going to kill you on parts to Sweden. Good luck with your truck. Its gonna SCREAM !
HEHE this time i got a huge pice of luck , , a friend is gonna send home an ghoseneck trailerhome and i got al the space inside for free *lol* with a little luck the swedish customs wont see this shiping ,, when u get to the swedish bourders u have to pay ~ 4% in customs and then u have to pay 25 % on the TOTAL price * (i.e what the item cost + shipning + customs ) so the shiping isent the hardest part iof bringing stuff into sweden .. the land of the taxes :)

to the burb im also gonne use a better camshaft , al this started when i bougth the "ultimate" burb ( cadillac escalade esv -2003 ) and my wife who has the burb tested the caddy out ,, so now she want either the caddy or moore power in the burb ... or the caddy ,,, ( wimmen u know (he he) ..
Caddy is much smaller so if you want size and need it go with the burb. The caddy is much more luxury than the burb but oh so much smaller.
No way not the ESV version (as i got) it´s a suburban *bling-bling* with lot´s of luxury u coudent find i the burb , and also with the 6,0 l engine ,, 2003 there where only in the escalade Or denali u coud find that engine

on the shorter chassie they ( GM ) build Cadillac Escalade , Gmc Yukon , Chevrolet Tahoe and also the H2 Hummer , on the longer chassie u find Cadillac escalade ESV , Gmc Yukon XL ( and the XL denali) and finaly but not least Chevrolet suburban .. these are al the "same"
I'm not sure about the ESV, but the GMC Yukon XL is the same size roughly as the Suburban. They're in the same Large SUV class.
Forgot about the XL in the Denali, and the Caddy I'm not real familiar with. I didn'y know they made the Caddy in the larger size. A friend got the Caddy when they first came out and didn't like it cause it was to small, that what I based my post on. Sorry.
I don't think that I've ever seen the Escalade ESV in person either.

I found a pic of it online, makes it look like it's the same size as the Suburban.

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I have a set of ceramic coated Dynomax headers that I bought from Jeg's. I haven't installed them yet since the truck doesn't have an engine, but they look to be high quality. Nice coating and the welds on the flanges look very good too. I will probably clean up some of the burrs in the collectors before I install them but overall I am very happy with them for the price ($260). Granted, mine's an '87, and they may or not make them to fit your year. I'm sure that someone between Dynomax, Hooker, Hedman, or Flowtech makes headers to fit a '95.
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