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Hello, I'm new to the site mostly look for info for my friend's Sub. Names: Mine Brian but have the nick name of Brain due to a uniform company misspelled name tag. Friend Jim but we call him Jimbo or Jimmy if his Mom's around. Trucks: Mine 1997 FORD F-250 4X4 Diesel 7.3L Auto, Jim's 2001 Chevy Suburban 2500 4X4 8.1L Auto Occupations: Me USPS Mailman (former auto mechanic & auto body tech w/ 20+ yrs exp). Jim High School Chemistry teacher (former chemical engineer for an international refrigeration company w/ 20+ yrs exp). Location: Suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. (Me: Willow Grove / Jim: Roslyn) Other forums I use Ford-Trucks & PowerStrokeNation both refered me here for Chevy/GMC ??? or problems.

Situation: 2001 7 passenger Suburban,4X4 (push button on dash w/ 2wd selected/not left in "auto"),8.1L,Allison Auto,no modifications,no active recalls that we know of. We each have 30' travel trailers that we use w/ our families. Jim's MPG was bad at first (15 highway) but has gotten worse in the last 2 yrs. Last yr mileage dropped before his AC compressor crapped out & MPG increased a little (not back to where it was) after we replaced it. This yr the MPG dropped a little more & the reman AC compressor grenaded itself into the entire system which we removed, & repaired or replaced completley w/ new parts but the MPGs are still down. How bad you ask??? Highway driving w/ a family of 5 (or 7) going on normal trips no towing no excessive weight 12 MPG. On family camping trips towing a 30' travel trailer rated @ 8K# (never @ that weight/6500-7000# max) 8MPG.

What are others getting MPG wise from these pigs? What has anyone done to increase MPG? Chips, tuners, intakes, exhaust, tow it w/ my Power Stroke (ha ha ha)?

Tried a search of the forums but usually a lot of talk about "I heard someone did this" which is fine but who actually did what that did or did not work. Neither he nor I have the $ to throw at maybe solutions, but rather proven fixes. Thanks for any real help.
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