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I hope to be a Silverado owner in the next few weeks. My name is Nate and I live in Central Connecticut. I wanted to join to get some questions answered before making the big purchase of a new 2017 Silverado. I'll be buying new for the first time in my life. I'm not sure which forum to post my questions, so I'll briefly mention them here.

I'm buying new to take advantage of the warranty. I've been burnt pretty bad on very expensive repairs on used trucks. However, I really like how a truck looks with a leveling kit and slightly larger tires/rims. I'm aware that getting the after market leveling kits can cause some dealerships to not honor the warranty and just blame it on the new parts causing the problem.

If I buy a truck pre-modified by a dealer (i.e. rocky ridge packages), I'll be overpaying. However, I'll get the same warranty as a non-lifted new truck through that specific dealership (no hassles because of aftermarket mods).

If I buy a truck stock and add a leveling kit / bigger tires-rims / more aggressive exhaust, etc., I'll void nearly all warranties.

Is there a way to get the best of both worlds?

Do some dealerships do a leveling kit job themselves and because they provide the parts and services, honor the 3-year 36k, 5-year 60k warranties?

Thanks for your help. I will try to find an appropriate forum on this site for these questions. - Nate
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