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Hello from oregon!

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Hey guys and girls. Im new to the site and new to owning a chevy truck. I am an auto tech and usually building Jeep rock crawlers. Just bought an 03 Chevy 1500 5.3, stripped all the emblems painted the front bow tie, line-x liner (dirt cheep used to work there :happy:), lifted it 6 inches and put some 20 inch rock-star wheels and 35x12.5s on it. I put an air raid intake on it, maganflow cat back and Im looking to start doing engine mods. I am trying to find a good new or slightly used cam so if you have one or know anyone that has one please let me know. Also looking for headers.Thank you very much cant wait to make some new friends here.
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Hey welcome to the club. Get some pics of the ride up.
Hey, welcome on the site. I'm from CA but go back and forth between Ca and OR a lot due to work.
Sound like you have a bad ass rig :)
welcome to the club
Welcome to the club. I have a cam I am selling its brand new Comp Cam 54-424-11
Welcome to the club, post up some pics of the truck...
Welcome to the club.. Sounds like a sweet ride!!!!!!!!
welcome to the club sounds like you have built yourself an awesome ride lets see some pics of it
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Hey guys thanks for the welcomes. Sorry it took so long to get a pic up. Here my truck and my 99 jeep xj.


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Welcome to the club.
Welcome to the club. Does your truck have to be smogged living so close to the liberals up there in Portland? If it does, then be carefull which cam you choose.
Welcome aboard!
Welcome to the club!
Welcome to the G M T C !
Welcome! Those are both excellent looking vehicles!!!
Welcome and congrats on your new ride!!!
Great looking rides, thanks for the pic.
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