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Hello from Perkasie PA

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HI everyone new here. NOT new to chevy family. I just picked up my 2007 trailblazer LS I traded in my 2003 blazer s-10. SO far I really like what I got for the money its soooo quiet. I belonged to a website/forum for s-10s, SO i did a search and found this one for trailblazers.

from perkasie PA
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:sign0016: to the party. glad to hear you love your GM products
:sign0016:Glad to have you aboard. Looking forward to seeing some pics of your TB.
:sign0016: to the site
:sign0016: Smoke20, There's a bunch of TB's here

hey folks
thanks for the warm welcome.Tomorrow since its almost a week old LOL... the salesman whos freinds with me will be picking the TB up at my work and having my bug guards/rain guards and mud flapps put on.
also how and where do i post my pics?

07 TB 350miles on it
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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