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Hello from S.C

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Hey, I am looking into getting a silverado in the next 6 months and had some questions. I have always had GM vehicals, and a few chevy trucks. Back in march i bought a 2005 nissan frontier nismo 4x4. Its a nice truck, but i need something bigger, want to lower my payment, and i want another chevy. I just moved to SC from PA and i am having a hard time finding a nice 4x4 for a decent price. I would like to get into a 99-02 z71 in a regular cab, or extended. i want something with under 80k on it. I would also consider a 97 or 98 if it was in good shape with decent miles. what would be a good deal for a truck like this? A lot of the trucks i am finding have really high miles on them like 120-150. I know a lot of people who have had silverados last them well over 200k.. but im just a little worried about higher miles. What should i look for in these trucks, any common problems? Any help would be greatly appriciated. thanks,
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Hey, welcome to the site. :sign0016:
Welcome aboard.

Well as you can see I am not a real believer in low mileage vehicles by just looking at my signature.

Matter of fact I don’t think anything I own has under 120,000 miles.

Try private party sales, and oh ya try and speak southern. I found when we were in Tennessee that as soon as they heard me talk the price went up.

Good luck.
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I would do private party.. but i have a trade. I need to trade my truck in. Im not sure if its my imagination or they jack the prices on 4wd up down here because you dont need it. Ive been looking in pa and down here... a truck thats a 2002 with 100k on it here is about the same as a truck thats a 05 with 40k in pa. I am just trying to save myself that 24 hours of driving on my 2 days off. But unless i can sell my truck im going to need to trade it. I know this is probley the wrong place to ask but anyone know of anyone that would be looking for a nice nissan 4x4?
I know this is probley the wrong place to ask but anyone know of anyone that would be looking for a nice nissan 4x4?
Your right, but we really aren’t prejudice.

We know many folks who own other brands, but to be honest. I never will buy any imports.

If the prices are that different I would take the drive. It will still be cheaper, even loosing the pay.

Good luck, and keep it between the ditches.
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