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Hello. I'm Kent and new to this site. Question...

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Hi, I am trying to get and idea of about how much it should cost me to have a mechanic replace the 454 engine in my 1994 K2500 Suburban. I would like information on replacing it with a Jasper or similar remanufactured engine with a good warranty. Any recommendations or advice?

Also, what should I typically get for gas mileage? I's not an economy car.

Also, what are the most basic few things I can do to my new engine to get an increase in performance. I will be towing about 7K camper.

Thanks for helping me out.
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I have a 95 454 2500 Suburban and tow a 26' horse trailer, not towing I get about 12-14 mpg, towing about 8 mpg, but never have a lose of power, and we have a few hills out here!!

Why do you want to replace the engine??? Problems??
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