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I guess I'll just ramble a few things for an introduction.

I've owned a '98 and a '99 Chevy Tahoe LT 4x4. My first trucks (not counting the '88 Ford Bronco 4x4 351 that my parents owned when I was in High school) and some of the best vehicles I've ever owned, though I'm pretty fond of my Mercedes too. ;')

I have an old '88 Suburban beater that's got 205,000 on it. Runs like new though. Interior's good.
It's a 4x4 with the TBI 350 and I believe a 700-R4 and Dana front.

Despite it's signs of age it's one of the best vehicles for the buck I've had.
We just took it on a 2400 mile trip, with 700 of that loaded up to behind the front seats. roof rack full and 2 loaded soft roof carriers as well. All that while towing a fully stuffed large U-Haul trailer. What a beast. It used zero oil on all of the trip except during the towing phase which was windy and hilly. Despite the load and the road, it only used a pint (yes pint not quart) on that phase of the trip.

During all this, it never got less than 12MPG, and got as much as 18MPG !

These things are awesome.

We plan to keep this one for a while. But what we really want is a 96-98 K2500 4x4 diesel.
If I get one, we'll likely keep them both. Though I'd also trade this one for a pre 91 diesel and have the older and newer diesel machines together.
I'd like both because the older models are workhorses with huge cargo space.

My dream machine is to find a like new 98 K2500 4x4 with lower miles and a blown engine and find a wrecked 2003+ 2500HD diesel pickup and have the Duramax and Allison put into the Suburban.

After doing the math, and looking around, I think you could get the parts for this swap for under $10,000, this doesn't count labour, but even so, for under $15,000 you could have an SUV better, more powerful, and more fuel efficient than anything you can buy new, and even if you could, it would cost over $45-50,000 easy.

I'll take my version thanks.

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Diesels have always gotten better mileage than there gas counterparts. Not to mention better low end torque.

I just have always hated the noise and smell tho.

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Yeah, that's one of the big negatives. The noise. My dad has a 36' Bounder motorhome built on a Fleetliner chasis. They keep the turbodiesel in the back under the bed. Makes for a quiet ride even at 70 MPH.
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