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HELP finding part for RECON tailights

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So i am looking for a reverse light socket for a 07-09 Silveraldo for my newly ordered RECON LED Taillights... cant order the socket by itself, have to order harness... any help guys and gals?
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Why do you need a socket? I have these same tail lights from Recon and they are plug n play.
because in 2010 they changed the socket... go figure, i just ordered some off finally figured it out. i jsut searched for the socket itself because you cant buy just the socket thru GM.
Wow, thats crazy. Glad you found what you needed though. You are gonna love those lights, they were one of my favorite mods.
yea, cant wait to see it when i get home..
I have the same ones with LED bulbs,love em .. now just got to get the recon smoked front and I be good :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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