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I just bought this truck a few days ago. I knew it had some electrical problems and I got it for so cheap that I am willing to do the work to get it working correctly. I must have some horribly crossed wires somewhere because my tail lights are all messed up. I'm pretty good with doing the work myself but I just need a little direction...

Heres what I've noticed so far...

Key on Engine Running -
Turn signals are backwards
Brake lights work normally but are very dim
nothing works when the parking lights/headlights are on

key on engine off -
Turn signals work properly
brake lights wont work at all
nothing works when parking lights/headlights are on

Please help me! where do I start??

Thanks everyone

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What year and model is your truck? My first inclination is to take a good hard look at ALL the grounds on the truck, beginning with the body ground closest to the battery and the main ground cable to the engine block. Bad grounds make for some very strange realities in the electrical system.
Good Luck and God Bless
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