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I realize there are multiple threads all over the internet regarding the lowering or leveling of a GMC Yukon. Im looking to speak to someone directly, not so much read a thread. I have a 2004...factory suspension on 22" aftermarket wheels. RWD, 4.8 The back end sits up higher than the front and I hate that. I have been looking at several kits, both spindle and torsion keys. It seems for the front of the truck, drop spindles are the way to go. Im looking at a 2/3, or 2/4 drop. Going to to 3 or 4" springs in the back with shock extenders to maintain my factory nivomat shocks.

So here are my questions...this is my first post and I am trying to be as detailed as possible. How hard is it to put the drop spindle back on. I have never changed ball joints personally, how hard is it to get everything connected back with the new spindle. Is it just some elbow grease or is it a precise job.

Secondly...if anyone reads this and had drop spindles, or springs they would like to sell, please message me.

Thirdly, If I drop the back 3", and the front 2 with spindles...will I be able to use OEM stocks, or will I need to start using a 2" drop shock? I didnt know since the spindle relocates things, if the shock was actually being used effectively.

Lastly, rear springs. My plan is to jack up, take off the tires, support rear axle with jack, loosen lower shock mounts, pull out springs, put in new ones, raise axle back up, attach bottom shock mount, and put tire back on. Is that logical, is it that easy?

I appreciate everyones advice, and patience as I learn to navigate this site. I will take pics, and update my signature asap!

here is a pic of the current stance...not pretty


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