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Help with NBS performance!!

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Alright guy's it's official I got the buzz. My Hypertech Programmer is working well and now I don't want to stop. ( That and I really wanna beat sierraman in a race :lol:)
So here's the plan. Over the next month or so I'd like to get:
New Gears ( 4.10's ) ( This also depends on his experience getting his new ones installed )
K&N 63 sieres Intake
Magnaflow Exhaust

Well here's the part I need help with. I'm looking for certain parts and I can't find them. I'm just wondering if anyone else has come across them.

Headers. I know Gibson makes a set for the new body style but i'm not sure of the model #.
I'd really like to go with long tubes but I can't find anybody who makes them yet. I'd really like to wait for pacesetter but who knows.

I'm also looking at MAF, larger Throttle body, or port existing one ( Anyone whose done this I'd love to hear from ya) and maybe some pullies and fans.

As far as the fans I don't wanna go universal I want to go with direct replacements.

So yeah I'm mainly looking for websites and direct url's cause i've checked all major guys. Just looking for some extra eye's.

Once I get the top 3 installed I will be taking it to the track and dyno to get some #'s for you :great:
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O.k Gibson just put on their website that the same headers will fit 99-08 so that's good to know :great:
Did you call SUMMIT ?I believe they carry long tube headers for your truck , they can tell you what is available and what works best . They don't just want to sell stuff , they want to sell you what works best .
I checked their site and it didn't say anything but that's a good idea I'll give them a call. :great:
i hate to tell you this but your hypertech isnt giving you have of what a mailorder tune will give a search for wheatly performance on google give him a call hes a good guy
I know that a mail order tune is better then then the hypertech for the most part but I do like being able to change the parameters myself. If I feel like running bigger tires and New gears, it's at the push of a button. Different fuel grades, a 5 min fix. I'm not building this truck for all out performance and I love the MPG gain I got. Also I love the fact that I can return it to stock to bring to the dealer for any maintance. This is just what worked for my situation. :great:
cool man glad your happy thats all that matters just thought id trow that out there good luck wit ur truck
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