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Help with wiring new head unit

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I have a 2011 Silverado LT extended cab without the bose system. I am installing a JVC KW AV61BT head unit using this wiring harness: Right now my trucks in the shop but I was opening everything up last night and noticed that the speaker wires for each speaker both positive and negative are hooked up to an RCA plug. But the speaker wire that come from the head unit are just two cords. Do I need to add an RCA input to the headunit wires or take off the RCA plug from the harness and go wire to wire? Or is there some other way of wiring this that im missing?
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Hi Dave- I don't have the Bose system in my truck. I haven't taken out the stock deck yet cause its still in the shop till Tuesday :( but im trying to prewire the headunit to the harness I purchased. I mean when I take out my stock deck im gonna be replacing the harnesses that are in there with the one I purchased right? When I get home ill take a picture of the unit wires and the harness wires to show you what I mean. I just don't know why the harness would have RCA plugs on the speaker wires to get connected to a head unit that has just regular wires. It does have RCA inputs on the back of the unit, can I just plug them in there? and not use the speakers wires from the part that plugs into the HU itself?
I mean I can see the speaker wires on the Stereos cords are labled FL+, FL- .... with colors gray & gray w/ white stripe for FL.... etc. but the corresponding wires on the harness: IE the gray & gray w/ white, are connected together to an RCA plug. shouldn't the harness speaker wires connect to the deck speaker wires?

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I mean I can cut off where the RCA plug is and then straight wire the gray FL+ to the Gray FL+ and the gray w/ white FL- to the gray w/ white FL- from harness to deck?
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Here is a picture of the back of the unit as well as the remaining wires for the deck side. I already attached the SWC wire, yellow power wire, and black ground wire. On the back of the unit the two outside red and white inputs read, front/rear & L/R line out? so can i just throw the RCAs of the speakers on those, than the amp RCA (i hope the amp has an RCA on it i didnt run the amp so not 100% sure) part that says sub out?
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These are the wires from the harness that are left. I have the four RCAs for the speakers which im guessing i can plug right into the unit now. but for the remaining i have 8 wires and only 5 from the units wires.
1) orange w/ white matches up for illumination
but other than that none match up directly
On the unit i have
1) dark blue wire labeled power antenna
2) dark blue w/ white wire labeled "please connect to remote for amp, equalizer and/or auto antenna (.2A max)
3) Orange w/ white
4) Brown
5) Red wire slightly longer than the others.
On the Harness i have a cheat sheet for.
1) Red/white - P.B. Output (-)
2) Purple/white - VSS output
3) Blue/White - amp turn on input
4) red - acc output(1amp)
5) orange/white - illum
6) green - reverse output(+)
7) blue - antenna on input
8) mystery orange wire


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to me, following that diagram you should be able to leave the RCA plugs on and just straight wire them into unit because if you had them wired to an amp coming out in RCA you could. i can also understand this causing issues cause you dont have a negative to a negative wire directly. So you would recommend i take off the RCA plugs and just strip the wires?
Gotcha, thx man. I do have an amp for subs, just not speakers. but for the subs theres a sub out RCA from the unit. thx for answering my questions with good quality information
Got the new HU installed the other night. Looks really good, and deff increases the clarity & power of subs and speakers. Only issue I had when mounting the HU was. 1) not a ton of room to put wires behind the unit. There's a small hole in the plastic behind the original unit put you kinda have to fish the wires inthere to get them all to fit properly. This process was further complicated by the second issue. 2) was the fact that the HU wouldn't slide through the opening for the new mounting bracket. Therefore I had to mount the HU into the bracket before trying to put the bracket into the opening for the HU. Also because the HU couldn't slide through the mount the trim piece wouldn't fit on. BUT in the end I got everything put back together and it looks pretty flawless on the outside. Ill post up some picks later. FYI:Instead of running the inputs into the glove box, I ran the cord right up to the steering wheel, and had it come out by the shifter. Its perfect because my method of choice for music is buying a 16G flash drive for < $20. it can store more music than a $300 ipod and if you sent up folders, easier to search through. Also I can hookup my flash drive, and just let it dangle there without having to worry about it falling out, and can easily take it out to update.
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