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so i got into the truck today and turned my heater on well i didnt feel anything and the trucks not pushin any air through the vents wat would cause that??
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This is the truck in your sig pic??? That thing doesn't need a heater. It's already too frickin HOT!! :)

I'd check the fuse, the switch, & the relay, & if those are good, then it's time to attack the blower motor resistor. Check the first 3 very carefully cuz you don't want to get into the resistor if you don't have to. They're kind of a PITA to get to.

**Check them all for power in & out. If you have power everywhere, then the resistor is most likely the problem & is probably scorched.
Try the defrost on ALL blower speed settings, it it works on only one setting (most likely on high) then its your blower motor resistor.
Haha thnx but no its not blowing air at all on any setting

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Haha never mind I punched it and it worked
A great, easy, and lets out some frustration. I wish all problems could be solved that way. Nice job!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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