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Check out Roadmaster Active Suspension. It sits quietly on top of the leaf spring with no change to the ride quality until you put a load on the truck. Once it's installed and adjusted you don't have to think about it. Code LUCKY7 at checkout gets you 7% off and free shipping.

I put Firestone RideRite airbags on my 2010. For economy I ordered just the bag kit with air lines, fittings, etc. The automatic system with on board compressor, controller, etc. is more expensive. I'm perfectly happy with mine. I installed an air fitting on each side of the 7 way trailer connector so I could level it side to side if needed but I've never had to do that. If I ever have to install another one I'll go with the single air line.

You'll probably like either one of these. And no fussing with putting it on and off whenever you haul something.

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I have the Roadmaster Active Suspension on my 2011 C/C. Works great. I haul a cord of wood every fall with no issues. Keeps the truck level and no sway issues.
I also tow a 22' car trailer and 19' ski boat, works great on them too.
Don't have to mess with any removal or replacement, its there and ready when I load the truck but doesn't negatively affect ride or handling when not loaded.
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