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Here's mine

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Got it used. Great deal, couldn't pass it up. It's loaded.


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I love the color! What's it got in it and is it 4X4?
Well, it has leather, XM Sat. radio, power folding and heated mirrors, rear radio with headphones, OnStar with hands free phone, steering wheel controls, tonneau cover, dual automatic climate control, Bose speakers, and trip computer. There may be more I'm not recalling at this moment. The only things it doesn't have are the heated seats (I want that) and the nav system (don't need it).

It has the 5.3 with the towing package. It is a two wheel drive. The guy I bought it from was getting a company truck and did not it need anymore. He had it 15 months before I bought it from him with 32K on the odometer. Got it for 17.5K. Went to local Chevy dealer after purchase and extended the factory bumper to bumper 3yrs 36K for about 1200. The guy I bought it from even put a new set of tires on it the day before I picked it up. Wasn't expecting that, but didn't complain one bit. All in all, not too bad of a deal.

It will replace my Tundra which was leased and will go back in a few months.
Nice ride! Great deal also and with new tires..bonus! Can't go wrong with the extended warranty.
oooooh shiny... lookin good
Great find, the color suits the truck to a tee
Nice very nice :great:
MMMMM shiney. Mine lasts about a day like that, that is if I could get it to shine.
looks good .........:great:
Me likes that color. Not a bad deal especially with the new tire bonus.:great:
Geaux Tigers!!!

I am loving the truck but better yet is that you are a Tiger fan! LSU all the way baby!!!:great:
Sweet lookin truck and an ever sweeter deal!! That thing is shining like a mirror! :great:
Thanks Guys.

Just paid for my football season tickets yesterday.. Geaux Tigers!:great:
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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