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Hi All, noob to this forum, and I have a BIG Tahoe Problems

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I've owned my 96 Tahoe since late 97. 4X4, 4 door, 90,000 miles, 4" SuperLift, BFG 33X10.5 AT tires. On a trip last weekend, the thing started vibrating like mad. Here's a quick list:

up to 59 MPH OK
60 to 69 MPH BAD vibration. Things are blurry in the rear view mirror. A sound and feel like you're driving on the rumble strips on the side of the interstate.
70 and above Slight vibration.

Since it was a long drive, I had time to mess with speed/RPM. In the 60 to 69 MPH range, slight pressure on the gas seemed to lower it a bit, but it was still bad. Going downhill, at the same speeds, off the gas 100% and once the tach dropped below about 1700, it stopped. Smooth as silk.

This happened all of a sudden. Three weeks ago and another long drive, no problems. I've checked the u-joints and they are tight. No drive shaft play. This happens in OD or when it down shifts for a uphill pull.

Has anyone experienced this? Suggestions as to what to check?

Any and all replies will be appreciated!
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Don't know if this is even an close guess but, a while back I was riding in my brother's 96 burban, and driving it it shook like mad!! There was what we started to call a "butter zone" where if you kept it within a certain speed range it didn't shake at all. The first chance we had we stopped and I got out and checked out the tires, shook the wheels and whatnot to make sure that it wasn't a wheel bearing heading south and everything looked fine. So off we went to our destination, I told him to take it in a have it aligned, so he did. Turns out we had lost a wheel weight and the thing was now so unbalanced that by the time we had driven 250 miles on the just about brand new tire, that he had to replace it! Just an idea, but I'm sure a new tire would sure be a lot cheaper than a tranny or transfer case!!
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