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I see this all the time. If you can put the truck into park and run from idle to red line at a smooth pace with no vibration than you dont have an engine problem. Engine problems that would cause an at speed vibration would be a harmonic balance "going" bad but not noticeable yet, or even internal cam/balancer shaft problems. Not that often is it engine. Like the guys said before tyres are the biggest contributer to vibrations. Also have the idler arm, and pitman arm checked out. Those two are the first to go out on chevys of all years and models. There is an allowed 1/2" of play says chevy on the idler arm but im calling bull shi* on that. Ive replaced at least 100 idler arms on chevy vans and trucks rangeing from s10's to 2500 vans and by those being bad cause not only mph specific vibrations but inner or outer tyre wear, slight pulling, and excessive wear on other parts like ball joints and gear boxes. So check the tyres for tread separation, and balance. Get the front suspension checked out for wheel bearings, inner and outer tie rod play (shouldnt have ANY), ball joints, and especially idler arm and pitman arm. Also something else thats not real common is front axles being bad and only vibrates during acceleration and only in 4wheel drive. That doesnt sound like your problem but it does happen.

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