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Hi - New Member

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Hey Hey!

Previous '03 Chevy Avalanche owner traded up to 2007.5 Silverado 2500 Crew Cab Short bed / Diesel. I tell people it is my Hillary-Obama Special! I wanted to go green but they only had grey. :lol: I pick it up sometime this week. It is a MONSTER!

I am a schoolteacher and I can't wait to see the looks and stares from the other faculty members who only drive subhuma...uh subcompacts.

You gotta love life.

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Welcome aboard.

Now fill in your signature with vehicle and state so when you have a question you don’t have to tell us what you are driving.
Welcome to the site. I guess things have changes, I had teachers in school that drove big dually diesels, etc. Course that was pushing 20 years ago. (20 years ago???)
Welcome aboard, Dave. Enjoy your stay! May I suggest some people to put a ruler across there hand?..
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