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high mileage oil weight?

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I have a 2011 silverado 5.3L which I got around 80k miles. Ive been running Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 5w-30 Synthetic since I got it. I was looking into running a high mileage synthetic like mobile 1 high mileage full synthetic but wasn't sure If I should stick to the factory recommended 5w-30 or Ive read that some people change the oil weight in high mileage vehicles. What do you think? I have about 97k miles on it now.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
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I have a 2000 Silverado 1500 and I am in a similar situation as yours. The factory recommendation for oil is different from what you can find on different websites and forums. Auctionsdirectusa recommends 0W-20 while thecarslab recommends 5W-30. Little confused right there. But for now I assume that 5W-30 is good for high mileage and 0W-20 for low.
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