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History of the Blazer

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We all know that the Trailblazer and the Tahoe took over the name(s) and places for the Blazer as it was really the same name on two vehicles at the end.

How many people remember the early top-off Blazers from the 70's? Those were the days!
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I believe the 1st generation Blazers are destined to become a classic as the 1st generation Bronco's are now. My fondest Blazer memories are from a fishing trip outside of Boomtown NV. A couple of buddies and I decide to go wheeling into the boonies on a logging road in a Datsun B210. We got stuck on the mountain top and hitched a ride back to Boomtown on a logging truck. We hooked up with a Blazer owner who took a shortcut back up the mountain over a treacherous boulder strew rout. What a ride! That Blazer bashed its way to the top of the mountain and we recovered the B210 and made it safely back down. No fishing that day, but an adventure nonetheless. :D
Awesome. :)

We went camping in the Sand Dunes of Moses Lake, Washington about 15 years ago. One of my buddies had a '72 blazer and it was August so we had the top off, etc. He ended up going through a water hole and got stuck in the middle becuase someone in front of him got bogged down and he had to stop.

10 minutes underwater to the hood, we pulled it out, popped out the plugs and turned it over a few times. Water came pouring out! We let it dry for 2 days and put the plugs back in, let it idle for a couple of hours and everything was fine. We drove back to Seattle with no problems. lol.
My 1987 Blazer Silverado

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Nice looking truck!! Looks great for an '87. I had an '87 c10 that the paint flaked off like crazy. Have you had that problem, or have you repainted?
Very nice Blazer

<best borat impression> Yes Verrry Nice!:redface:

I had a 1976 Blazer and my son had a 1971! I wish I had kept the '71 as it would have been worth some money by now.
Thanks, and yes it was repainted by Chevrolet as a recall or warranty issue. I am the second owner and bought it in 1995 from a friend who had it since new and put the 4" lift and 35's on it along with a winch. I replaced the motor with a crate motor from GM and have had tranny probs with the 700-R4 but even though I have my new 2006 Silverado 2500HD, I can't part with the "Silver Bullet" and keep her for my hunting rig.
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