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Hooking up idle stop solenoid...

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Got everything buttoned back up and the truck back on the road...A/C is COLD!!! Which is nice out here in West Texas right now.

Noticed though that I probably need to get an idle stop solenoid because it will bog down on me while I'm sitting at a light or something. My '81 used to have one and I had no problems.

My question is, I belive they are to bump up the idle speed when the a/c is on. I've done a lot of searching and some say it's just to keep it from running on or diesling when I kill it and some say it is for the a/c. So should I just hook it to 12v or splice it into something that only kicks on when I have the a/c on? Not necessarily the compressor when it cycles, but the a/c in general.
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