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How do I disable the seat chimes?

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I just bought a 2006 Silverado and want to disable the seat chimes. I do put stuff on the passengers seat, but I don't want to have to do up the seat belt to make the chime go off. I'm not interested in the seatbelt idiot light staying on; that's okay. I just want the chimes disabled. Any know how would be appreciated.
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man, i wish i could help you. i bought an 06 and the chimes are driving me crazy too. someone help us out.
Owners manual says replacing radio with non stock radio disables chime module. I dont believe that to be the only way. All of the chimes are obnoxious as far as im concerned.
Ya I dont know about the 06's, but the 08's are extremely loud! There's an option to turn down the chimes, but they are still very loud and obnoxious! Does anyone know how to disable/bypass these yet? (without replacing stereo)
Reprogram the OE radio

According to the manual, using a scan tool to perform "radio set up" will allow you to configure the chime level and chime volume and other attributes. (Are level and volume really that different?) Any of you programmers aware of this?
An unscrupulous dealer could set your new car chimes to max and then rip you off to have them reprogrammed lower.
Back before air bags and integrated systems, there were two ways of killing the seat belt alarm. One was to disable the sensor in the passengers seat and the other was to fool the seat belt sensor. The process involved either unplugging, shunting, or grounding the sensor wire(s).
These days, unless you have a complete understanding of what's going on, if you mess with the seat and/or belt sensors, you just might deploy the air bag by changing radio stations. (Yeah, I know, that's not gonna happen; but, you get the idea: Don't be messing about with the seat's sensors.)
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should be a plug under the seat to disconect the problem coes in if you have power seats then there should be 2 plugs under there

should be a plug under the seat to disconect the problem coes in if you have power seats then there should be 2 plugs under there

I was told that too. I called my dealership to confirm this, and the man from there said it will work but he could not guarantee that the airbag would be function properly without it. It may or may not work. My advice, leave it alone.
I just bought a 08 Sierra, I installed a Clarion DVD player and I no longer have the seat belt chime or the clicking sound when my turn signals on! I still get the red flashing seat belt lights but I can handle that.

I chose not to pay 200.00 for the adpter to keep the OnStar also.
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