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I am in the middle of taking apart the engine so i can replace the intake gaskets. I have gotten as far as getting the upper intake off and now need to take the distributor out so I need to figure out how to find TDC. I have a Haynes repair manual ( gotta say this book is seriously lacking in some areas) it says to turn the crankshaft untill the line on the vibration damper is aligned with the zero mark on the timing plate and that the rotor will be pointing at the mark u make on the distributor under the #1 terminal in the cap. The problem I have is that there is not a Timing plate in my truck. I don't know why there isn't one, maybe cuz the timing can not be adjusted on the 96 and later?, or maybe a former owner took it off?
My neighbor insists that if I mark it and take it out and put it back in with out anything being moved that it will be fine tho I don't know that he truly knows also I watch a you tube video of a guy how has the same engine change his intake gaskets, he didn't say if he put his engine at TDC or not, and he had trouble getting the distributor back in right so I'm not willing to risk it, I have a bad back and I don't want to have to tear this thing apart again just to mes with the distributor.
Any Ideals?
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