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Hey i just figured out what my truck run's from 0-60 as of with: Stt's 33 13.50 tires, Rockstar 18x9 rims,Rough country 7.5 inch lift, K&N air filter,True Dual Exhaust,Flowmaster super 40 series true dual and 3 1/2 by 18 inch gloss black rolled edge tips. I haven't done anything else to my truck other than to make my truck look good but that is all i have done as far as performance. I also have a Magnaflow tru-x pipe that will be here tom. Anyway let's see how fast our silverado's are and with mod's we have done so far list them and tell us all how fast it is from 0-60. My truck it get's to 0-60 in 7 seconds which isn't too bad at all for the only upgrades i have done! Anyone can participate and list all mod's and how fast it is this will be interesting!!!!
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