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This is an interesting question.

I got the idea for the board last year. I registered the URL and got the hosting space squared around later in the year and put something up around Novemeber or so. Then the holidays hit, and most importantly, I had a son born in October. So much of my free time is gone.

Now, the boy is 5 months old, he's SLEEPING through the night somewhat, which means I can sleep, and the site has been up and running in it's current format for a short while. I scrapped the original design (which was custom - by me) for the current design (open source stuff) late last month and I think that the results are well worth it.

Thanks for tall the kudos guys (and gals), because this isn't a money-making scheme like some of these companies out there trying to pump out all-for-one message boards that cover every type of car ever built. This is just a place to chill out and maybe get a question or two answered.

Ciao, Steve
1 - 6 of 6 Posts