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Hi My name is cody and i just picked up what i believe is a pretty rare chevy k10 cheyenne. I am trying to decide if i should restore it. This depends on how much the truck could be worth i picked it up for $600. This truck is fully loaded and has the Very Rare White interior which i cant find anywhere. I have the Service Parts ID Sheet here it is

VIN CKR149J111243 W/BASE 1175

A28 = sliding rear window
B3W=Advanced Price Sheet
E63= Fleetside pickup box
k30= Automatic Speed Cont
MX1= Automatic Transmission
NL2 =Auxiliary Fuel Tank
N33=Comfortilt Streering
TP2= 3500 watt Aux Delco
UA1= 4000 Watt HD Delco F
U63= AM Radio
YE5= Demonstrator Identif
ZQ2=Oper Conv Package
Z53= Gages- Voltmeter, O
12W= XMM1 MYSTIC Custom V
A01= Tinted Glass- ALL W
BC3= Deluxe Instrument Panel
C60= All Weather A/C
GT4= Rear Axle - 3.73 RAT
LF4= 6.6L
NA5= Standard Emission Sys
NY1= Fuel Tank Shield Plate
N67 =Rally Wheels
T44=Inside Hood Lock Rel
UF2= Cargo Area Lamp
V31= Cromed Front Bumper
ZY3= Special TWO-tone paint
Z84= Cheyenne Equipment
18L= 18 Charcoal 17 MYSTIC

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Welcome to the Club!! I'm not a restoration expert, but I think it would depend on why you would want to restore. If it is for financial gain, then chances are you will end up spending more $$ in time finding parts, labor, cost of parts, etc., than you will get in return. However, if this is something that you see as more of a passion or hobby, and are planning to keep, then it will probably be worth it (to you).

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Welcome to the club!

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The white interior isnt rare enough to justify restoring the truck.
If you want a classic truck then restore it but there were actually lots of those trucks built with white interior, it wasnt the most popular color (that was the brown followed by grey).
If you want to find a rare interior look for a notched bench seat with a flip up center section that has a consul underneath the seat will be either white with red inserts on the drivers and passengers side or black with red inserts, the black is harder to find.
You'll find these seats in 76, 77, and 78 C1500 shortbeds with the 454 and either a Turbo 400 or in some especially rare cases a 4 spd muncie. They were considered Chevy's "SS" trucks of the day, they dont carry any extra insignia.
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