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I recently took off my door panels and tinted the windows and replaced the outside door handles on my new body style 07 LT1.

It is easy to do but I just hope I can explain this...
1-Remove the door lock knob that goes up and down by popping out the tab and pulling up on it.
2-Remove the plastic cover under the door handle and remove the 10mm bolt.
3-remove the larger plastic cover under the armrest and remove the 2 10mm bolts.
4-Remove the silver cover on the armrest that goes up and down(tab on the bottom to pop it off) and remove both 10mm bolts and handle.
5-The switch panel will pop off but be careful not to break the tabs(I broke th one on the front) and be careful not to damage the plastic. Disconnect the switch panel.
6-Pop off upper triangle that covers the mirror bolts. It has 3 tabs so take your time and don't scratch the paint.
7-I applied tape to the metal door below the plastic panel and start at the bottom and pop off the door panel.
8- Swing out the bottom and the inside door handle is cable activated so push in the 2 tabs on the cable and remove the cable from the handle. This was a tip from the local dealer because they have broken a few cables letting the panel swing.
9-Now pop off the top tabs and it will lift off.

I hope this helps... It is very easy but take your time a be careful not to dent the plastic when removing the covers.
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