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How to remove stuck 3rd row bucket seat & clean carpet

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I just bought this 2008 low mileage Suburban 1500 and am trying to fix all the things that have been really neglected by the old couple (not as old as me, though) that owned it (Cruise, rear locks, evap DTC P0449) etc. What I really want an answer to right now, though advice on the gas cap and cruise would also be appreciated, is how to remove one of the 3rd row seats when the lever that is supposed to release it doesn't. It may be rusted stuck (other side looked a bit like that) but how do I get under it to manually get it loose.

Also does anyone have any miracle cleaner that will get the dark brown rusted looking spots out of the carpet. A daughter/grand said they had tried with no success.
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The bolts holding the seat in place sometimes have locktite on them. Crawl under and find the nuts that the bolts thread into. Apply some heat, as in propane or map torch. You don't have to get the red, but do have someone inside to make sure things don't start smoking or catch fire. I would used impact socket, tork socket to break them loose. Shouldn't take more than 500 degrees F if I recall correctly.
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Thanks for the reply. I managed to get the seat unstuck by examining closely the one I had removed to see what would make it manually release. Somewhere I read about drilling a hole, so I did that through the bottom trim at the back and was fortunate enough to stick a screwdriver in and push from the back on the mechanism the lever is supposed to pull. The seat finally popped up on one side and the lever made the other side come up, but the battle wasn't won until I pulled (super hard with every ounce of strength I had) on the handle that moves a sliding mechanism in the undercarriage which in turn pulls cables that free the front latches.
Sounds like rust
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