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Any chance it has a magnetic drain plug?They are pretty useful for diffs since everything in there is steel-no aluminum.
On the very small bright side, be happy it isn't a Titan.They are nice trucks,great motor trans, but they have been eating rear ends at very low miles,and as recently as 2006 they hadn't solved the problem.Nissan was good about replacing undwer warranty, but once you were out of the warranty-50,000 or 60,000 miles you were on your own to the tune of $3000(they replaced the entire rear end-not just the diff or gears in the diff).The diff is a modified Dana 44-should have been enough-but there were/are QC problems(something about the powdered metal gears not being heat treated properly is the best guess-done offshore somewhere not in the USA is the story-typical cheapout)
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