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Hello all, I Know there are other threads on simluar issues but I wanted to tell my story...please?

I got an 2007 Suburban LTZ.. Great truck. It has separate driver passenger climate controls. Well the HVAC back in the winter started blowing cold on the driver side. It would about freeze me to death and it would never stay on FACE... It seems to want to switch to defrost and foot. Driving along it switches all by its self. It will be blowing defrost and foot even when set to FACE with the indicator showing FACE. You can run the temp all the way down 60 and back up to 90 and it will blow warm for a short time on the driver side. At the same time, you can cycle it back to FACE and it will stay there for maybe 20 min and then back to defrost and foot. At the same time it starts blowing cold on the driver side.

I just did the best we could to get through winter but now we have the same sort of deal. The driver side blow cold good cold AC and the passenger side will start blowing hot. Of course we can run up to 90 and back to 60 on the passenger side as well as putting it on FACE but it then switches back to hot and in the defrost and foot....

Also the back does the same thing with switching to hot and changing mode....

Because it is hot here, I was trying to trouble shoot a little. I found some the actuators and was able to determine the function of each. I got the truck running and set the AC running. With the AC blowing cold on both driver and passenger, I disconnected the blend actuator on the passenger side.(It is on the top of the heater box pass side behind the glove box). With the blend actuator disconnected it blows cold all the time...... I went to the back of the truck took out the tray in the panel and was able to setup the hot/cold blend actuator the same way....

Now with both actuators disconnected the AC is good but switches to defrost/foot in the front and from top to bottom in the back. They can be rests by cycling them around but the same deal... Just not blowing heat because the hot/cold actuators are disconnected.

Ok, now that I have that much figured out. I am at a loss as to what to try next. Would one thing he would have all 5 actuators in the truck bad or maybe it is the control unit... The control unit, I assume is the part in the dash/console with the buttons on it? All these issues seem to have started going down at the same time... so I am hard pressed to think that all 5 when at the same time...

I talked to the close Chevy dealers near me and of course they won't tell me anything. They just want me to bring it in for them to do the diag and repair. One told me it could cost in the area of 1300 to 1800 to fix... So I am guessing the know what the issue is and just not wanting to help. One dealer ship told me they have replaced a lot of these actuators but really no detail other than, just bring it in and let us fix. Knowing how they are, I would bet there is a service bulletin out on it and they won't tell.

So what do you think control unit or actuators? Do you know if these actuators have logic on them where they can change at will? Any help would be so much appreciate.. oh, do you think any damage can be done running it with the actuators disconected?

Oh, yes, I wanted to add that pulling the fuse or discon the battery only fixes the issue for like 20 min.. I know is all over the fourms as resolution for other simular issues but does not correct the issue.

Thank, God bless

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