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I have a "shocking Trailblazer" question

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I have a question:
I have a 2004 Trailblazer and it has 1 really annoying thing occurring ever since I bought it this past November. :x :x Whenever either the driver or passenger starts to get out of it and touches the metal part of the get shocked!! :evil: :evil: :evil: I have to quickly tap the door and brace for the shock, cause if I forget, the shock seems to hurt more. :cry: :cry:
This has gotten so much of a habit now, that whenever I am in anyone's vehicle, I automatically tap their door. :x :x
Any suggestions what could be the problem here?? :?: :?: At first I thought of static electricity (during the winter), but come on...winter is over with!!
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You asked me where I live and if the seats are cloth. I live in KY and yes the seats are cloth. That does not really qualify an acceptable reason, since we own 2 other vehichles with cloth seats, as do my several of our family and neighbors do and we don't get shocked in any of them....ever. I do not (and would not) own a cell phone, nor do I use any other electrical gadget in the TB. It has done it since the day I test drove it....and it was raining that day and I marked it off as such. But it has never stopped!!! We are thinking it may be a wire grounding issue somewhere. Will bring this to the dealers attention when we take it in for our recall repair. Just thought I would run it by you guys to see if it was us, or someone else is experiencing this. Thanks!!
Thanks bmm...will try that!!
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