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05 Yukon
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Howdy from Luray , Va!
I’ve been driving a rusted out 02 SLE around for 4 years, and realized that I don’t want anything else, lol. Only had 114k when I got it, it was like new, but for it’s northern roots showing. So it was rusted so bad that I had to have the frame repaired, but it’s been top notch...until the receiver rusted through! No more towing, so I found an 05 needing only minor repairs, but I hate the interior (beige/tan) and I’m going to attempt to swap out their interiors! It looks like I have to gut the seats to make the wiring work, so wish me luck, lol.
Now I’m thinking of all the little stuff I can add on to it, since this one is nice enough to plan to keep forever.
Figured I’d introduce myself, since I’ll be here snooping around to see what the rest of y’all are doing! I need ideas for when I’m ready to make this one look like a boss! No lifts, just add-ons and mods, and wheels eventually!
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