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Hi ! I am New and I do not know anyting about Suburban. Just I can Drive.

I have 1999 Chevrolet Suburban 1500 2WD,but motor has knock sensor code.
Miles is 199K.

shop said bottom Rod has nois (like TAK TAK TAK TAK TAK )and I do not know how long I can Drive this 1999 Suburban.

I have to find motor.

I am living in Chandler Arizona. So Where are can I find Uesd motor with install in Arizona.

I mean Cheap!

Shop cost is $4564,30 (REBUILT ENGINE)

I only have $2000.

Do you think I can find used motor with install in Arizona?

My Car is
1999 Chevy Suburban 1500 V8-350 5.7L Vin#3GNEC16R8XG116827 2WD.

Already repair
Rebuilt Transmission
VCM Computer
Rebuilt Differential
Fuel pump
and converter.

So I can not to throw away this car.

Please help me.Please ^ ^

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Well, labor costs will be a bit high for any motor replacement. Your taking the heart of the car out and replacing it. Best place to find a motor will be a junk yard. Does the truck still run fine? I would run it tell it blows, then hopefully by that time you enough money for a new motor. Thats my two cents.... hupefully someone else will chime in.

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Start by going to a different shop, for two reasons. Sounds like they don't know what they are doing, and they are putting it to you on the price. GM Long Block with warranty is less than $2G. A decent mechanic can swap that engine in one day.

The knock sensor has nothing to do with detecting rod noise. The knock sensor is used to detect spark knock when the PCM advances the ignition timing. Detonation will also trigger the knock sensor code. Detonation is usually caused a lean mixture. Lean mixture is usually caused by low fuel pressure, or bad injectors. And detonation is the single most damaging thing to your rod bearings, next to running it without oil LOL.

Testing fuel pressure is very simple on these trucks, and has been outlined here several times. You can buy a gauge at AutoZone or wherever for $50.

If it is indeed a bearing starting to go, drive it as mentioned. And be on the lookout for a better shop and decent used engine.

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X2 what 2COR517 said. Start with another shop!
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