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Defective stepper motors?

Apparently a common problem. $200 for a reconditioned cluster plus programming.
From: Speedometer Sales

All the 03-06 clusters suffer from a common problem, defective stepper motors. These motors operate the pointers for the gauges. The symptoms are as follows:

    • [*]Non functioning speedometer, sticking or not showing the correct speed.
      [*]Non functioning tachometer, sticking or not showing the correct RPM.
      [*]Any gauge not working correctly or intermittent function.

    [*]Your truck or SUV can be operated without the cluster installed, there is no security code that will prevent it from running. The driver will be responsable for speed and all other functions of the vehicle if driving without the cluster installed.
    [*]If your cluster does not have a transmission temperature gauge you can install a cluster with this option and it will function perfect. All the above trucks & SUV's are pre-wired from the factory for this feature.
    [*]Installing aftermarket overlays will require recalibration of the gauges.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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