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Ideas on 383 street/strip engine

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I am building a 9/9.5:1 compression budget build 383 for my truck. I have a 2 piece rear main 4 bolt block that I just sent off to be bored .030 over, baked, line bored, and crank case clearanced. I am still on the search for some 72cc or 76cc heads that are not vortec style. I am also going to be using a victor jr. air gapper intake and long tube heads. And the rotating assembly I am ordering is what is called a "claimer" kits witch just a steel cast crank and not a forged one. Remember I am doing a budget build. What I am not sure about is what cam specs I should go with for this build. I am used to building small oval dirt track engines with hellacious cams and I dont think I need that big of a cam. Anyone have any ideas on what kind of cam specs I should be looking for?
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I would call the cam manufactures and see what they recommend.
Depends on gearing and what you plan on using it for.... Just be realistic aand you'll be happier
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