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Hello!! My 1993 k1500 5.7L 4x4 truck has strange idle issues sometimes....

Years ago it used to lope when I was in park. The issue went away (can't remember exactly what I did to help it) and now its back again. It usually only happens in the mornings when I start it in 30 degree weather. It' smooths out after I drive it and the systems go away. So it' definitely when the engine is cold. Sometimes on those cold mornings it will loose power as I'm driving it. I keep my foot steady on the pedal, and all of a sudden it will start decel then rev up for awhile and decel again. It even died while I was making a turn even though i have a full tank.

I know some people wouldn't worry about it since its only on a cold start, but I'm just worried the problem will grow worse.

Thanks for reading!! Any suggestions are much appreciated!!
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