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I dont drive the truck much in the summer. The truck is an 81 k10 with a 305. A couple of months ago I was out scouting firewood and left the truck running for about 10 minutes. When I got back in and took off it drove fine. When I stopped to enter the roadway the idle went way down and the truck almost died. When I stepped on the gas everything felt fine. The truck sat for a month or so and when I started it the idle was way down again and the truck kept dying. The truck sat for a lot of years before I got it so I went ahead and got a new carb for it from guaranteed carbs. (Check the website-248 for a rebuilt quadrapuke) I put the carb on and it still has a low idle and dies. When pressing the gas the truck runs fine and has no hesitation while driving just the idle is low. I didnt find any bad vacuum lines and it has a fresh tune up, new fuel pump, sending unit and tank. (I only use the drivers side tank) Did these trucks have an egr valve or an idle control valve or did those parts only come on tbi motors? Anyway, any thoughts or sugestions would help.
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