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Idler arm and Pitman replacment

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I've seen some instructions online on how to replace the Idler and Pitman. Most seem to be done without a Pitman Arm puller? Would it make it easier? How about an Air Hammer? Not necessary, but again, would it make the job easier? I've never used one.

In the process of gathering parts and tools to do the job myself.

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The idler arm is easy enough, but a puller would make removing the pitman arm a lot easier. If you can't get a bonified puller, the right sized pickle fork & a hammer will work. Lacking both of those, you could use a long drift & drive it off working from the top under the hood. (Alternate sides with each hit)
Also check your seal since this would be the time to replace it, if it's showing ANYsigns of leakage.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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