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Idler Arm

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I am attempting to replace the idler arm on my wife's 1999, 1/2 ton, 2wd Chevy Suburban. According to a video I watched on 1A the steps on removing it were as follows: 1. Remove the nut connecting the arm to the steering linkage. 2. Using a joint separator (pickle fork) and a good hammer insert the separator at the joint above the linkage and use the hammer to knock it loose. 3. Remove the three bolts that attach the other part of the idler arm assembly to the truck's frame. 4 Go back to where the joint and steering linkage were knocked loose, then pull the linkage down to remove the treaded part end of the idler arm and work the whole assembly out and off of the truck. I have gotten to step 2 using the pickle fork and a 3 lb. sledge I have hammered at the joint off and on for over two hours (I had to take a breather every now and then), but the joint does not separate, it just sits there laughing at me. I even removed the nut that connects the inner tie rod end to the steering linkage hoping that would help loosen the idler arm joint up. Nah, still doesn't work! What other suggestions do y'all have?:neutral:
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Ditto on the air hammer with the pickle fork... With a hammer your just beating it. That should break it lose... I have had to heat (but not glowing red and watch for the joint) then a little and spray some dw on them. Of course it smokes..etc.. the hot metal expands then shrinks as it cools fast and will suck the oil down into the collar when it cools..
Good luck... Michael
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