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Ok guys.. here's the issue.. well one of them.. on my 79 gmc I have a quadrajet carb. When I start her up she idles for about 3 seconds then she dies.. and when I press the gas it dies faster. Most times the second attempt to start it works. And when I do press on the gas I can hear a puff of air coming out of the carb. Does anybody have any ideas or advice?? I need her to be ready for winter. Im also having a 4x4 problem.

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Quadrajets have a history of being a pain in the butt.
First off you need to make sure your getting a constant fuel supply to the carb and arent having an air bubble come up the fuel line from a bad diafram in the fuel pump or something of that nature.
Next check around the baseplate and all the vacuum lines for leaks.
If that all checks out ok then I'd look at rebuilding the carb and setting it at stock settings.

Personally instead of messing with the Quadrajet I'd swap it for a Holley or an Edelbrock, but I'm sure financial constraints have some place in this issue and a rebuild is a cheaper solution.
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