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Increase towing capacity Chevy 1500

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Hi, I am new to this forum and it looks great. Hope you can help. I have a 2010 K1500 , 5.3L flexfuel, crew cab short box with 3.08 rear. The towing capacity is 6800 lbs. I just bought a travel trailer that weighs 6480 lbs. dry weight. Is there anything I could do to increase the towing capacity. Can I change the gear ratio to 3.42 which would increase the max towing to 9500lbs.? And how much would this cost? Or is there anything I could do?
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Thanks for the quick reply. Where can I find out how much it would cost?

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Hi CKNSLS, Thank you also for the quick reply. Suppose I blew the diff out and it needed to be replaced and I put 3.42 gears instead of the3.08 gears, According to GMC the towing would be 9500 then how would I libel for any accident that may occur?
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